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who we are


Who we are


Vision, Confidence and Growth

For over three and a half decades, AlKhonji Holding LLC has steadfastly adhered to its founding values of excellence, innovation, teamwork, and the development of sustainable solutions. Established by Mohamed and Ahmed AlKhonji, along with the late Mr. Abdullah Bin Mohamed and his sons and daughters, this family-owned enterprise has transformed into a global leader in digital finance. With an unwavering dedication to transitioning from conventional finance to decentralized digital financial solutions, Alkhonji Holding LLC harnesses cutting-edge banking and financial technologies. The company continues to uphold a harmonious balance between the well-being of its employees and the satisfaction of its clients, a trajectory it aspires to perpetuate for future generations.

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Our aspiration is to earn admiration as a prominent global financial conglomerate, actively contributing to a brighter future through substantial economic empowerment and meaningful social influence.


We will realize our goal by upholding the strength of our Group, fostering financial stability, and enabling seamless integration into the global market.


Alkhonji Holding LLC firmly upholds the belief that adhering to robust values is the cornerstone of ethical business practice. This is why these fundamental principles, alongside a stringent code of ethics, form the foundation of every choice the organization embraces.


  • Innovation - Discovering and implementing new ways to achieve progress.

  • Collaboration - Working as a team and cooperating with other organizations for mutual benefit.

  • Sustainability - Employing long-term strategies to ensure future success.


Mohamed Alkhonji

On behalf of the Board, I want to express our deep

appreciation to the Capital Market Authority, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Manpower, Royal Oman Police, and other Regulatory Authorities for their invaluable support and guidance. We also wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our banking partners, shareholders, and all stakeholders for their unwavering support.  


Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the Management and staff, both individually and collectively, for their significant contributions towards achieving operational excellence and fulfilling the company's objectives. 

May Allah bless all of us. 

Mohamed Abdulla Alkhonji

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