Bank Guarantee / Stand By Letter Of Credit

Bank Guarantee

Instrument and Service Description

For your various business obligations, we stand by you as Surety and offer Guarantees on your behalf in local and foreign currency for approved purposes, within regulations and thus help fulfill your business requirement.

Bank Guarantees can be used as a successful tool to secure financing for your projects. These are typically used in global finance, trade finance, credit enhancement, project  finance, and so much more. Although these are successful tools, it can be hard to secure them. It is almost impossible for small businesses to receive cash funds from investors who require a BGs.

However, you can rely on a leased BG which can be found at many different institutions. Most people are unaware that this is even an option

You can have access to the cash backed BG of another party for  lease. When the term has concluded you can extend it, or it is returned to the original holder. The asset holder will enter into a joint ownership with the potential borrower, or this asset can be transferred over completely. This assures that there will not be a problem with the ownership of the account.


The leased BG will give the same rights to the account holder during the term. The new owner can encumber, place a lien, monetize and use the ac count for security purpose.


Multi Choice: We offer various types of guarantees viz. financial, performance, etc. that are required at various stages of your contract.

Expertise: We have dedicated Trade Finance Desks across the globe, which offer you the best services and add value to your business.

Efficiency: We bring you the best possible solution in the least time and at the competitive charges.

Stand By Letter Of Credit

In a business cycle, as a buyer you need to pay for your purchases in international and domestic markets. Our letter of credit helps you to facilitate purchase of goods in international and domestic trading operations.


Letter of credit is an undertaking by a bank (opening / issuing bank) made to the seller (beneficiary) on behalf of the buyer (applicant) to pay a certain amount if documents are presented conforming to terms of the letter of credit within a stipulated time period

A Stand By Letter of Credit is used for a variety of projects and can be used in global finance, credit enhancement, project finance, trade finance and many more. It is an amazing opportunity, but you must get access to cash funds of an investor, and this is where we come into place.


While acting as an owner you have the same rights, and can use your fund as collateral, place a lien, or even monetize it.

Acceptance: Our Letters of Credit are acceptable by all banks in GCC and abroad. 


Expertise: We have dedicated Trade Finance Desks across the globe, which are well equipped to handle such transactions.

Advantages of obtaining BG/SBLC from us

  1. We offer monetization for our own bank instrument in case clients needs this service

  2. Our bank guarantees and Stand by letter of credits are available in a variety of currencies like USD or Euro.

  3. We offer Low leasing rates of 3+2(5% Total)

  4. We include pre-advice about your MT799

  5. We do not allow corporate or personal checks

  6. You do not need to show your project document

  7. We offer fast services

  8. We deliver the MT760 to your institution

  9. We will pay commission of up to 1.5% to any broker

  10. We develop BG/SBLC specially for each client

  11. Our banks endorse our deposit guarantees and also ensure to payout.


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