Bank Instruments and Monetization Services

BG/SBLC/Bank Draft/MTN/Blocked Funds Monetization

Bank Instruments and Monetization Services

Complete Recourse Loan & Non Recourse Loan Monetization of BG/SBLC/Bank Draft/MTN/Blocked Funds for the intention of project funding

We never require our customers to pay forthright charges for adaptation and are just remunerated when the venture is finished. This is the understanding that we authoritatively have with our customer and the Alkhonji Group.

Alkhonji Holding LLC will adapt your bank instruments and give you an advance, through a watchful arrangement with a lawyer trustee office in Dubai, UAE. This is an advance that you will need to pay back, and in the event that you wind up having payments, they will be at a low rate of 2.5%. Our Clients will get their Funds from a lawyer trust account with a legitimate assessment so our customers would not need to manage the issue of the discharged funds to their bank account.

Important: our contracts also include the monetizer returning the leased Bank Guarantee to the issuing bank 15 days before the BG expires. This is a typical requirement of BG contracts

Monetization Loan to Value (LTV) for a Non-Recourse Loan:

LTV for an Owned BG/SBLC/Bank Draft/MTN/Blocked Funds of 5 to 500M – 80% Non-Recourse Loan with a Rated Bank. This Loan has a lower LTV; you will not have to pay back.


Monetization LTV for a Recourse Loan:

5 to 500M Owned BG/SBLC/Bank Draft/MTN/Blocked Funds – Rated Bank instrument with 100% recourse loan.  This loan can span up to 10 years. Apart from that, it has an interest between 2.5% annually. However, remember that a 2% commission is to be paid recourse and non-recourse loans. We offer the best bank monetization services to our clients.

How long does it take?

  • The process takes up to 2 weeks once all the paperwork is complete and submitted. Or it can also take a week after the bank instruments are SWIFT.

Disbursement of Loan:

​The Loan is disbursed in 6 months. Once MT-760/MT-110 is authenticated, 50% of the Loan will be disbursed. Finally the last 50% will be divided over five months and will occur monthly


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