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Commercial Property


Real Estate Loans

Secure your goals by leveraging your commercial property as collateral to secure financing. Obtain collateral loans using your commercial or residential property as security, granting you access to up to 100% of its value. The procedure is seamless, offering competitive interest rates and a variety of choices.



This facility provides the option to replace an existing loan facility on a commercial property with a new facility. 

Asset Backed Finance

This facility uses the commercial property itself as collateral for a long or short term loan.

Mezzanine Finance

Supplemental funding between equity and senior debt, aiding in complex capital structures has been made seamless with this facility.

Acquisition/ Purchase Finance

This facility guarantees loan for acquiring commercial properties, aiding in real estate acquisition.

Portfolio Finance

This facility provides funding for a group of properties and can be highly beneficial for diversification and larger-scale projects.

Salient Benefits

Capital Access

Obtain necessary funds for business operations, expansions, or investments.

Flexible Financing

Tailored financial solutions to meet specific property and business needs.


Use financing to amplify returns on invested capital.

Facility Requirements

To secure commercial property finance with us, applicants need to provide a comprehensive property valuation and appraisal report to assess the property's market value. We also scrutinize applicants financial statements and credit history to evaluate creditworthiness. Additionally, a well-documented business plan outlining the purpose of the loan, property usage, and projected income is essential for a successful application.

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