Private Placement Program (PPP)

Alkhonji Holding LLC  Private Placement Program Is Only Available By Invitation

Alkhonji Holding LLC owns and operates a secure Fully Managed Private Placement Program Wholesale Asset Management Account with a Regulated Management Company with over 35 years combined financial services experience whose traders work with two of the largest and most respected banks in GCC.

The Program is operated in one of GCC's Largest Financial Centers ensuring the Highest Standards of Governance, Compliance and Professional Integrity. The Program has been operating successfully since 2008 and offers clients 100% Capital Protection guaranteeing Zero Risk of Capital Loss. Professional investors looking for better returns are starting to move away from standard asset classes like stocks, bonds and cash to Private Placement Programs (PPP).

Private Placement Programs traditionally have been the domain of institutional investors or high net worth individuals because of their complex nature. However, since 2008 and the introduction of Fully Managed 100% Capital Protected Private Placement Programs it is now easier than ever for traditional investors to participate in PPP programs.


Alkhonji Holding LLC Private Placement Program (PPP) includes a trading portfolio of:

  • Blockchain Assets

  • Bank Instrument Trading

  • Currency trading

  • Real Estate


These asset classes are favored mainly because their returns have a low correlation with the assets value.


Risk Protection

With a balance of Dynamic Trading Strategies, prudent Risk Management and Exceptional Liquidity our Private Placement Program (PPP) has consistently achieved outstanding historical results.


Our success is achieved because we operate a series of clearly defined Risk Protection Strategies including:

  1. Disciplined investment rules

  2. Strict asset control

  3. An investment philosophy of meticulous risk management

  4. All trading is constantly supervised by our risk executive

  5. Effective regulation

  6. Our experts execute our pre-defined and stringently managed strategy of diversification

  7. Based in one of the most well regulated, reputable and secure financial centers in the world


Private Finance Specialists

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