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The Corporate Finance Services You Deserve

Though there are numerous corporate finance services companies offering loans, you can’t trust them all. Every business is known to be different from the other one. However, Alkhonji Holding LLC provides a wide range of corporate finance services to businesses of all sizes. We have all the loan product to satisfy your requirements.


Exclusive Product Profile

• Bridge Finance
• Building and Construction Loans
• Project Loan and Finance
• Debt Factoring
• Bill Discounting
• Working and  Operating Capital Finance
• Funds to Buy Assets


Remarkable Product Features

• No Hidden Charges
• Transparency
• Competitive Rate of Interest
• Fast 
• Straightforward Loan Documentation
• Flexible Repayment  Alternatives

Bridge Finance

A Bridge Loan is an interval credit that gives brief financing when a borrower needs extra time to acquire lasting financing. This kind of funding enables the borrower to meet current commitments by giving prompt income. These advances "overcome any issues" between times when funding is required.

​Building and Construction Loans

The construction industry revolves around loads of investment requirements, and we understand that demand. Therefore, we offer corporate finance services to construction companies. Loans are granted to companies who wish to acquire loans for real estate, factories, and expansion of their premises.

Project Loan and Finance


We are your project loan solution! Alkhonji Holding LLC’s project loans can help you in funding type of project that you plan on working on. Here are a few types of services we cover other than offering finance to businesses.


  • Letter of credit

  • Banker's guarantee

  • Letter of guarantee

  • Performance bond

  • Advance Payment Bond

Debt Factoring

If you are facing cash flow problems due to debts, we can help you out by releasing that debt from our hand. Once that is done, the collection of that specific debt will be our responsibility. This service will improve your cash flow and also help you in getting all your debts cleared.

Bill Discounting

Are you getting too many calls from your creditors to release payment? Do you lack the funds to release your payments? Alkhonji Holding LLC can help you out by paying your invoice amounts with our bill discounting service. This service will not only boost your production but will offer you short-term finance to manage your cash flow and funds.



Working and Operating Capital Finance

Such loans can be both long-term and short-term. The working capital of a business is a crucial element in running your business. If you are facing problems with your cash flow and your operational assets and liabilities, then we can provide you with working capital loans. These funds will come in handy for your daily operations as well as for expansion. Other than that, you can also cover all your due operational costs which comprise of wages, utility bills and even rent payable.

Funds to Buy Assets

Such loans usually are long-term. However, we still offer this service to companies that need funds for new vehicles, machinery or even a new factory. Such loans will help you enhance your business as more money will be invested in your business. We offer asset corporate finance services for a variety of fixed and long-term assets.



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