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Al Khonji Holding LLC is a private finance specialist organization that rose to become the first international lending cryptocurrency investment opportunities in the gulf cooperation council (GCC). Our job is to connect borrowers who are creditworthy with global institutional and individual investors by leveraging block chain technology. In addition, we are also working towards creating cryptocurrency investment opportunities that can help borrowers and lenders enhance their outcomes. Here are five crucial reasons to invest in loans.

Five Reasons To Invest In Loans

1. Diversify your investments globally

With Al Khonji Holding LLC you can fund loans of small business owners from all around the world. With the help of our robust automation tool and network, you can become a recognized lender of funds globally in no time. If you aren’t generating enough revenue by lending and investing in loans on a local platform, our international network has the capacity to help you grow your reach and become a recognized investment lender throughout GCC and all corners of the world.

2.  Join Our Enormous Network

With a history of 35 years, Al Khonji Holding LLC is able to introduce you to thousands of borrowers. In addition, we have numerous lenders who are happily enjoying our services and the revenues they generate through our network. You can also be a part of this by simply signing up with us so that we can push your brand to derive international recognition.

3. Risk-Free Leads

If you are worried about connecting with borrowers who aren’t reliable or trustworthy, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Our team makes sure that all our members go through a strict verification process. This procedure involves both a credit check and video identity verification. Other than that, our automatic machine learning process also checks every borrower. Once that’s done, we go with a manual check before giving the borrower a rating of the level of risk that the lender may have to bare. This helps in keeping your best cryptocurrency investment opportunities secure.

4. Blockchain Loans and Cryptocurrency Trading

Are you looking for a loan against your cryptocurrency asset? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. Our organization is currently accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum for loans. That means, if you are short on funds, give us your cryptocurrency and get your loan approved in no time. In addition, other cryptocurrencies will also be acceptable very soon.

5.  Higher Rate of Interest

If you take a look at the rate of interest local banks offer, you’ll be surprised to know that the rate of inflation is making it look more of a loss. However, Al Khonji Holding LLC lets you avoid losing capital with interest rates of 10% to 35%. You are free to choose the loan terms and still manage to garner a high return. Other than that, your efforts and money will also help many small businesses grow.

Al Khonji Holding LLC is a leading private finance specialist organization operating in the GCC that helps lenders find international borrowers. Other than that, with the help of block chain technology, this company has also started creating cryptocurrency investment opportunities for those businesses that wish to obtain loans in return for their crypto assets.

Loans Against Blockchain Assets

Leverage your block chain assets to borrow USD with our platform. We currently lend against bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) block chains with no hidden fees, and with other cryptocurrencies expected to follow soon.

Transparent and simple cost structure: monthly interest payment plus a one-time closing fee.

We have the most flexible LTV parameters, giving you options to borrow between 65% to 85% LTV.

Alkhonji Holding LLC is an institutional lending institute that makes U.S. Dollar loans secured by existing block chain assets of their borrowers (initially Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).)

Alkhonji Holding LLC brings years of finance and technology expertise to the block chain space. We have been active in many traditional areas of capital markets, including equities and bonds trading, public structured credit, venture capital, and real estate. Unlike most other lenders in the space, we are not a peer-to-peer lender. Having access to institutional capital means borrowers don’t need to wait days or even weeks to receive a loan.


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