Service Description

Our Corporate Finance Program provides up to 100%  financing for growth-stage companies as well as large-scale alternative energy and commercial real estate projects. Our loans are backed by client-provided financial collaterals, i.e., Sovereign Guarantees (SGs), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs) or Bank Guarantees (BGs), rather than  physical assets such as real estate.

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Program Requirements

We will consider commercially viable projects in virtually any geographic area throughout the world including North and South America, the Caribbean, Western/Eastern Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asian (ASEAN) countries, China, India, Africa and the Middle East. The minimum loan size is $10 million, interest only, with a repayment period of up to ten years. In many cases, the interest can be rolled into the loan with the borrower making only a single balloon payment at  maturity.

Financial Guarantee

The key to our program is the client’s ability to provide a financial guarantee. If the client is unable to provide a traditional financial collateral such as a SG/SBLC/BG, we can assist them in reformulating other assets such as digital assets, hard  assets, offtake agreements, etc., to act as a financial guarantee. Once the guarantee has been accepted by our loan trustee,  typically Citigroup, N.A., our time to funding is approximately 30 – 45 days.

Program Profile

Program Benefits

  • Project financing;

  • Building and Construction Loans;

  • Commercial Property Finance;

  • Bridge financing;

  • 100% financing potential for borrower;

  • Flexible repayment alternatives;

  • The loan proceeds can be used as debt or equity capital, investor buy-outs, down payments, re-financings, etc.;

  • Ability to obtain financing quickly—usually in 30 – 45 days, or less;

  • No restrictions on use of capital as long as used for prescribed purposes.


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A True Digital Lending Experience

In our digitally native world, lenders can expedite the entire digital lending process by leveraging advanced technologies like smart contracts to drive intelligent Decisioning. This allows lenders and borrowers not only to automate their older processes but to improve them with further advanced analytics by providing an engaging digital experience with integrated finance that meets their needs and wants.

Service Description

Our Digital lend protocol enables private lenders to streamline the lending and offer borrowers the convenience of self-service digital loan experiences in DeFi.


Lend protocol built for Decentralized Finance empowers private lenders to offer various loan products in retail, commercial property, SME, and corporate segments across digital channels.

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