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Case Study


Case Study 1

Case Study 01

A Petrochemical and Trading Company in Nigeria sought working capital to facilitate prepayments, storage, transit, and receivables financing.


Alkhonji Holding LLC delivered a comprehensive financing solution tailored to their business model.  We structured a revolving credit facility of USD $50 million to address their needs within the complex supply chain process.

Case Study 02

Our Structured Project and Corporate Finance Team successfully organized a $20 million facility for a healthcare provider in collaboration with a European Aggregator. This innovative approach allowed us to establish a committed, unsecured facility with a 360-day credit term for our client, facilitating procurement from various suppliers across Europe and Asia. Notably, the off-balance sheet nature of this facility was instrumental in swiftly acquiring critical healthcare equipment and consumables during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Mohamed Alkhonji, CEO of Alkhonji Holding LLC, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, 'We are proud to have played a pivotal role in this groundbreaking transaction, marking the first-ever execution of such a structure in this industry. Having successfully established this proof of concept, our teams are now actively executing transactions worth over $500 million using this mechanism.'

Case Study 2
Case Study 3

Case Study 03

The Trade & Commodity Finance desk successfully arranged various facilities (including Term Loans, Working Capital, and Trade Finance) totaling USD 57 million for one of Portugal's largest conglomerates, which has diversified its operations into the Agro sector.


The funds were earmarked for the expansion of a wheat milling plant, covering both capital expenditure and working capital over a nine-year tenure with a one-year moratorium. The facility was secured against project assets, and despite the transaction's intricacies, it was executed swiftly, achieving a record time frame

Case Study 04

Alkhonji Holding LLC has maintained a longstanding partnership with a prominent UAE contractor. This company, globally recognized by the International Desalination Association (IDA), has a substantial track record, having successfully delivered over ten desalination projects in the UAE market. Additionally, they have undertaken diverse projects such as pumping stations, pipelines, seawater facilities, wastewater management, and transmission projects. With a substantial net worth exceeding USD 200 million and a headquarters in the UAE, the company boasts a regional presence across the GCC and Asia.


This contractor engaged in a joint venture with a major European conglomerate for a project valued at approximately USD 150 million. To initiate project activities and ensure performance, the company needed to provide contract guarantees in compliance with the signed agreement.

Recognizing this requirement, Alkhonji Holding LLC leveraged its experience and expertise to facilitate the issuance of bank guarantees, further supported by credit enhancement.

Case Study 4





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