Corporate Deposits Opportunities

Grow your Money with the Best Corporate Deposits Opportunities

Alkhonji Holding LLC is a private finance specialist organisation that offers corporate deposits opportunities to investors. This service is provided to help investors enhance their money and get good returns. We offer competitive interest rate and accept deposits in slabs of USD 50,000 or more. However, the tenure must be 12 months or more.

With 35 years of experience, Alkhonji Holding LLC Corporate Deposits are a great investment option for all investors. Other than that, we have obtained a license and are liable to accept deposits from large, medium and small business owners.

Proven Track Record

Alkhonji Holding LLC is listed in the Bahrain Stock Exchange and Muscat Securities Market. The company was set up by 20 known promoters. They contributed the issued capital of over 70%. Other than that, this corporate deposits service provider has been in business for the past 35 years.

IPO Oversubscribed

Alkhonji Holding LLC IPO in 1997 was oversubscribed 109 times, a record that has remained unsurpassed till date.  


Successful Bonds Issue

Alkhonji Holding LLC was the first NBFI to issue Convertible and Non-Convertible Debt Bonds to the general public in Oman and mobilized an aggregate of RO 62.7 million from the market. Alkhonji Holding LLC was rated as the no 1 Finance company in Oman by Business today in their first-ever ranking of finance companies.


Excellent Stock and Cash Dividends Record

Alkhonji Holding LLC adopts a prudent policy of consistently rewarding its stakeholders through a balanced mix of cash and stock dividends. A good maturity profile also states that the company has the ability to pay on time.

Increase in Net Worth and Total Income

Alkhonji Holding LLC Net Worth had increased from RO 200,442 million in 2013 to RO 320,753 million in 2014 

Regulated by CBO, CBU and CMA

Alkhonji Holding LLC is regulated by Central Bank of Oman, Central Bank of UAE and Capital Market Authority, Oman.


Exclusive Alkhonji Holding LLC Advantage

  • Moody's have allocated worldwide scale long haul issuer rating of 'Ba3' with a steady standpoint to Alkhonji Holding LLC

  • Alkhonji Holding LLC is a SAOG organization recorded in the Muscat Security Market

  • The deposits comprise just a little part of the organization's debt

  • Other than banks just NBFI accepts deposits in Oman.

  • One of the largest Non-Banking Financial Institution in Oman

  • Ranked No 1 NBFI by 'Ernst Young' and 'Business Today' Survey in 2006 and 2008

  • Winner of the 2001 Oman Award for Excellence

  • Winner of 2001 Oman Award for Excellence 

  • Consistent and enduring development track record since the commencement

  • Consistent and continuous profit payer

  • Total deposits are well underneath the total assets

  • Alkhonji Holding LLC offers alluring interest rates on the deposits in contrast with other banks

  • Highest book Value, most noteworthy EPS, most astounding NPA inclusion

Guidelines on Fixed Deposits for NBFC

  • The Minimum tenor is one year

  • NBFC can acknowledge deposits just from Corporate clients excluding sole proprietorship concerns

  • The net deposit sum can't surpass the total assets of the organization


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