Medium term notes (MTN'S) are referred to as debt instruments because they have a date of maturity, predefined face valued, an annual interest rate, and is sold by banks to investors. The term of maturity is five to ten years and can be helpful in your financial future. Even though these instruments are available they are difficult to secure without the right financial broker.

Leased MTN's are a good option for those that cannot get access to investor's that have large cash accounts. Banks have been using leased MTN's for decades, and it is a good option for unconventional financial funding. With a leased term you have access to another person's MTN for a fee, and when the term is up so is your ownership.

While acting as an owner you have the same rights, and can use your fund as collateral, place a lien, or monetize it. This is all available through your term of the leased MTN, or upon renewal of the contract.

Advantages of obtaining MTN from us

  1. We offer monetization for our own bank instrument in case clients needs this service

  2. Our bank guarantees and Stand by letter of credits are available in a variety of currencies like USD or Euro.

  3. We offer Low leasing rates of 3+2(5% Total)

  4. We include pre-advice about your MT799

  5. We do not allow corporate or personal checks

  6. You do not need to show your project document

  7. We offer fast services

  8. We deliver the MT760 to your institution

  9. We will pay commission of up to 1.5% to any broker

  10. We develop your MTN specially for each client

  11. Our banks endorse our deposit guarantees and also ensure to payout.

Mid Term Notes (MTN's)


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