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Service Description

Alkhonji Holding LLC will adapt your financial instrument to a smart contract (DigiMon protocol) and place eligible instruments in a monetization pool where private investors interact with the protocol to purchase the instruments through digital finance. The DigiMon protocol establishes the infrastructure for the creation of an algorithmically enforced fixed rate of 60% for every monetization transaction executed in the protocol. 

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Market Construction & Implementation

​Unlike many contemporaries, DigiMon does not aggregate capital into a fungible AMM pool. Instead, similar to the traditional system, DigiMon’s infrastructure involves standard market participants in the form of offer makers and offer takers.  DigiMon’s current implementation contains three major components, Monetization Pool, DigiMon Smart Contract, and Participants. To provide an experience similar to traditional instrument monetization, our platform interface utilizes an entirely off-chain order book. Using libp2p signature validation, DigiMon provides a human-readable message containing the specifications of a given agreement. Participants can sign and submit the message’s hash entirely off-chain, allowing near-instant creation of orders. 

Once an order has been signed and accepted by a taker, the agreement’s details and user signatures are then sent to the broker contract for redundant signature validation. Once validated, the contract pools the appropriate capital from each investor and records the parameters of the agreement for disbursement.

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