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Bank Instruments &  Non-fungible Assets


Monetization of BG/SBLC and other Non-Fungible Assets for the purpose of securing a credit line

Alkhonji Holding LLC will adapt your instrument/ asset and provide the best possible deal to meet your financial needs. This is done through a watchful and transparent arrangement. These instruments/ assets can include stocks, bank instruments, bonds, cryptocurrencies, commodities, or other forms of assets. We establish the infrastructure for the creation of an algorithmically enforced fixed rate for every monetization transaction executed in our protocol. 

Monetization Loan to Value (LTV) for a Non-Recourse Loan:

LTV for BG/SBLC from a rated bank and with face value between the range of $500,000 and $500M – 85% Non-Recourse Loan. This Loan has a lower interest rate, with no pay back obligation.

Monetization for buy/sell platform entry:

As traders compete ferociously to get the opportunity to enter these types of trades on top tier platforms, Alkhonji Holding LLC guarantees low risk buy/sell platform entry against financial instruments and other non-fungible assets, matched by flexible engagement terms.

Loan Against Non-Fungible Assets/Tokens:

Alkhonji Holding LLC has gone a step further to provide a medium to let your Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) earn you. We do so by providing short term loans against NFTs. 

Market Construction and Implementation

We created an environment that involves standard market participation in the form of offer makers and offer takers.  The implementation contains two major components, Monetization Pool and Participants. To provide an experience similar to traditional instrument monetization, our platform interface utilizes an entirely off-chain order book. Using libp2p signature validation, it provides a human-readable message containing the specifications of a given agreement. Participants can sign and submit the message’s hash entirely off-chain, allowing near-instant creation and execution of orders. 


Once an order has been signed and accepted by a taker, the agreement’s details and user signatures are then sent to the broker contract for redundant signature validation. Once validated, the contract pools the appropriate capital from each investor and records the parameters of the agreement for disbursement.

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