Service Description

Our Digital lend protocol enables private lenders to streamline the lending and offer borrowers the convenience of self-service digital loan experiences in DeFi.


Lend protocol built for Decentralized Finance empowers private lenders to offer various loan products in retail, commercial property, SME, and corporate segments across digital channels.

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A True Digital Lending Experience

In our digitally native world, lenders can expedite the entire digital lending process by leveraging advanced technologies like smart contracts to drive intelligent Decisioning. This allows lenders and borrowers not only to automate their older processes but to improve them with further advanced analytics by providing an engaging digital experience with integrated finance that meets their needs and wants.



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Service Description

Alkhonji Holding LLC will adapt your financial instrument to a smart contract (DigiMon protocol) and place eligible instruments in a monetization pool where private investors interact with the protocol to purchase the instruments through digital finance.


The DigiMon protocol establishes the infrastructure for the creation of an algorithmically enforced fixed rate of 60% for every monetization transaction executed in the protocol. 

Market Construction & Implementation

​Unlike many contemporaries, DigiMon does not aggregate capital into a fungible AMM pool. Instead, similar to the traditional system, DigiMon’s infrastructure involves standard market participants in the form of offer makers and offer takers.  DigiMon’s current implementation contains three major components, Monetization Pool, DigiMon Smart Contract, and Participants. To provide an experience similar to traditional instrument monetization, our platform interface utilizes an entirely off-chain order book. Using libp2p signature validation, DigiMon provides a human-readable message containing the specifications of a given agreement. Participants can sign and submit the message’s hash entirely off-chain, allowing near-instant creation of orders. 

Once an order has been signed and accepted by a taker, the agreement’s details and user signatures are then sent to the broker contract for redundant signature validation. Once validated, the contract pools the appropriate capital from each investor and records the parameters of the agreement for disbursement.



Service Description

Arbitrage trading is the closest you’ll get to a guaranteed profit.


Arbitrage trading is a relatively low-risk trading strategy that takes advantage of price differences across markets. Most of the time, this involves buying and selling the same asset in different markets. This is most commonly done between identical assets traded on different markets.

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Trading Strategy

Traders compete ferociously to get the opportunity to enter these types of trades. For this very reason, profits are generally very slim in arbitrage trading and depend heavily on speed and volume per trade. That’s why most arbitrage trading is done by algorithms developed by high-frequency trading (HFT) firms.


At Alkhonji Holding LLC, We constantly need to compare prices for different assets on different markets to arbitrate and search the best option. For this purpose, DigiMon has created a special software - Matic Engine.

The Matic Engine software allows us to track the floating price difference of assets in real time. The software allows us to have a stable and guaranteed income from each transaction.