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Structured Project & Corporate Finance


Flexible Business Loan Options

With steadfast focus and dedication, Alkhonji Holding LLC experienced both tremendous learning and huge success in Structured Project and Corporate Finance, and going forward we are supremely confident in replicating this success. This Program provides up to 100% business loan for growth-stage companies as well as large-scale projects. We do not limit ourselves only to availing required financing for successful execution of projects, but also involve ourselves right from project inception and, through appropriate structuring, ensure that overall cost is minimized even as profitability, time management and benefits are maximized.


Project Finance

This facility has successfully demonstrated that we can avail or structure finance from diverse geographies and multiple sources for project development and operation.

Term Loans (Long & Short Term Loans)

Despite the complexities associated with traditional term loans, this facility ensures trust, featuring adaptable loan arrangements customized to fulfill specified requirements.

Bridging Finance

This is a great facility for those looking for a short term loan to cover cost during transitional periods before securing a more permanent loan option.  

Business Financing  Options (Uncommitted & Committed Loans)

This is a multiple option facility that combines uncommitted and committed loan facilities, giving your business the flexibility it requires to adapt both financing options.

Salient Benefits

Borrow with confidence

All our products require no personal guarantees because we believe business risk should be kept separate from personal liability.

Safe guard your reputation

Your clients won’t need to know that you’ve taken up financing* and all your documents submitted are kept confidential.

Transparent from the start

Our terms are clear and straightforward, with no hidden fees.

Facility Requirements

We will consider commercially viable projects in Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) as well as Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asian (ASEAN) countries. The minimum facility size is $1 million, interest only, with a repayment period of up to ten years. In many cases, the interest can be rolled into the loan with the borrower making only a single balloon payment at maturity.

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